Sunday, July 5, 2009

Wife Swap Makes Me Mad!!

I don't know if Wife Swap is shown everywhere but here in the UK it is a show where the mums/ wives of 2 families swap with each other for a week. For the first half of the week they run the house as it is normally run and the second half of the week they run it to their won rules...

Tonight James and I were watching and there was a WAG wannabe who didn't spend very much time with her children... her excuse being they will leave her someday... WTF? She also sent her 2 older kids and the baby all to bed at 7pm because she wanted to spend quality time each night with her 'dream man' (not the kids real dad...)... it really made me feel sad! Why go through the hard work of making a baby and giving birth to it, to just never spend time with it...

The other week we saw an episode where one of the wives stayed in bed everyday until 1.00pm... the hubby got up early for work and on his way out the door stopped in at his daughters room to drop off 2 bottles of milk and a bag of crisps! The baby then stayed put until the mummy got up to get her. I hope someone important from social services was watching because i thought it was disgusting! 1pm is the latter half of lunchtime and almost half a whole day!

Gah! Why do these people go on the show? They just seem awful!

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