Friday, July 31, 2009

Woohoo PMM!

PMM = Proud Mummy Moment for anyone not in the know...

So anyway... Ollie stood today, not leaning on anything, all by himself! It was very surreal. He stood for a whole 6 or 7 seconds completly still with a serious/ slightly shocked look on his face and then he sat down and shot me the proudest, biggest grin ever.

I give it 2 weeks and he will be walking hehe. Clever boy.


  1. What a huge milestone! Congratulations! When my husband and I had been married for 2 years, it felt like it had been a lifetime (a good lifetime). Then the next year we had Perceiver of Truth. We have 2 June birthdays-it's a great b-day month!

    Just stopping by from SITS to say HI!

  2. Yay!!!After the standing milestone everything else happens so enjoy every second!!!

    Happy SITS Sharefest

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