Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A trip to Seaford Butterfly Farm

Today James, Ollie and I went to Seaford Butterfly Farm with Granny and Grandpa. I was gorgeous! Ollie had a lovely time and was totally entertained! There were lots of peacocks running about, a maze, a park, a tropical butterfly house and lovely gardens!

Ollie loved seeing the gorgeous peacocks, but everytime he went near them they ran away. I don't blame them! He is getting so so steady on his feet. I noticed a massive difference today and I gave him lots of opportunities to walk about. He won't let go of my hand yet though!

Spot the butterfly!

Me and my gorgeous boy and Granny and Grandpa sitting in the background.

Snuggling up to daddy when he got sleepy!

It took us a few attempts but we finally made it to the centre of the maze. Granny and Grandpa gave up after just one attempt!

The peacock showing off his lovely feathers was hilarious. He swooshed them out and did a funny little dance. It was almost as if he was showing us his feathers because he knew he was having his photo taken!

Ollie slept the whole way home! It is great having James off work for a whole week.

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