Thursday, July 2, 2009

The First Post!

I'm no stranger to blogging... I have been blogging for the last couple of years over at Bump, Baby and Beyond. Over there I documented my pregnancy and the whole first year of Ollie's life. Now that he is one (and because I hate wordpress) I thought about starting a toddler blog. Unforunately there is no way to import wordpress posts to this blog. Boo.

So anyway... Ollie, now one, has grown into the most energetic and exciteable little toddler I have ever seen. He makes me smile and he makes my heart melt and sometimes he drives me insane.

Since turning one he seems to have transformed from being a little baby into a little boy.

He has been learning quite a lot recently… last week he crawled to his dad’s shoes, sat down and tried to put them on his feet… and now whenever i go to put his shoes on he lifts his foot up for me…

a few days ago I had the baby wipes lying on the ground while he was having a naked crawl about but he came over and sat down, grabbed a wipe and started wiping his *bits* himself!

He will pick up any cup and put it to his mouth to drink from…

…and last night he was holding his bottle and spotted the lid, grabbed it and tried to put it on top..

It is so so amazing seeing how everything is starting to make sense to him.

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