Friday, July 3, 2009

Our new house!

James and I took the HUGE step, that is buying a house, in May. So scary!

Our new house is lovely. It is perfect for us in everyway... even though it needs a little bit of attention and TLC to get it up to scratch. We can see the potential in it definately! It has 3 bedrooms - 2 very large double rooms and one smaller but good sized room which we have made into an office... the bathroom is bigger than our last house, we have 2 reception rooms, a garden out front and back that need tended.... and we just fitted a brand new kitchen.

Ollie loves it. We made the whole of the downstairs child friendly so he can crawl about as he pleases. We have started decorating his room but have not quite finished... and we had wood floors put down in our bedroom and the office :) It is slowly but surely coming along.

Even though we have a massive mortgage which all needs paid back eventually, it feels pretty damn good to be on the property ladder and have a house that is ours.

I will post pictures when I tidy!

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