Friday, July 10, 2009

Got a lovely week ahead planned!

As it is the 12th this weekend, James has a bank holiday on Monday and day in lieu on Tuesday (woohoo!) and he is taking the rest of the week off just for fun.

Tonight I am going to the cinema with my friend Bex and her fiancee because it is her birthday.
On Sunday we are going to James mum's house for dinner (were having duck! Yum!).
On Monday we are having a family dentist visit, so long as I can change the appointment to then, and we will be watching the parades.
On Tuesday and Wednesday we are going to Antrim to watch the Highland Games.
Thursday is my birthday and we are going to the aquarium, and then James is taking me out for Japanese.
On Friday we are going to Rose Week at Lady Dixon Park, not sure what were doing Saturday, and were having dinner at my mum's on Sunday!

It is going to be great having James home for a whole week! I'm dead excited!

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  1. Thank you so much! :)

    I would love to follow your blog! :)