Monday, May 5, 2008

A trip to the hospital

Well I have been having pains on and off for the last few days (since Friday) and today they seemed a little worse. James and I popped down to the hospital at about 10.30am. A lovely midwife monitored the baby's heartbeat for about an hour and did an internal examination (not pleasant!). She told us that the baby is fully engaged. This means that his little head is fully in position in my pelvis and he will remain that way until he decides to make an appearance. Babies heads normally engage at around 37 weeks so the Dr. who came to see me was a little concerned that the head was so far down so early.

I was given a betamethasone injection which is used to stimulate fetal lung maturation. The Dr. said this was in case the baby came early, so that his lungs would be stronger. I have to go back tonight for the 2nd dose.

There is no saying whether or not the baby is going to come early. James and I are both tucked up at home seeing how these pains go. They aren't as bad as they have been but I'm having very frequent Braxton Hicks and when i do have a pain it's more easy to recognise compared to the persistant dull ache I was having previously.

To be honest, I wish we knew one way or the other if things were starting or not... were both on tenterhooks and are finding it hard to distract ourselves. I'm symptom spotting like crazy and noticing every single tiny twinge. I think I'm going to drive us both mad!! I do firmly believe though that the baby will not wait until his due date. Whether he comes tomorrow or next week I believe he wont be able to hang on for 6 more weeks. He will be an impatient one just like me! hehe.

Will let everyone know how things progress but at this moment in time it does not look like anything exciting is happening...

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