Tuesday, May 6, 2008

...things have quietened down

It would seem that the baby was playing tricks on us yesterday... (obviously takes after his father) because we haven't had any more signs that things are progressing. In a way I am pleased... the longer he cooks in my tummy the healthy he will be, but I had sort of got used to the fact that I might be seeing him in a few days time.

I felt all over the place today after the emotional rollercoaster that was yesterday. I woke up this morning having very bad twinges at about 5.00am. These stopped though at 7.00am and since then nothing. I felt in a bit of a muddle and just wished I knew whether he was going to come soon or he has decided to wait out the whole ride :-) I felt better after a tearful phonecall to my mum. I miss her lots because she lives in the North and is a long drive away but just talking to her makes me feel much better.

So there we have it... no news just yet and quite possibly not for a while... who knows... but I have decided to ignore any twinges I feel and not over analyse everything. The time would go so slow if I concentrated on all the little things. Going to get on with things as normal and let the little man keep us in suspense!

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  1. Aww, it's going to be happening on and off.. he'll be here soon, just wait! :) I'm glad to hear he is staying for put at least for a little bit longer!