Saturday, May 3, 2008

Feeling overwhelmed today...

...about the baby coming. I'm so so excited to meet my little guy but at the same time I think there is a part of the whole situation that has not yet sunk in. In 6 and a half weeks I will have my own baby here with me and not in my belly. A little person I will have to protect, make happy, feed, cuddle, giggle with... these days I just keep thinking how BIG a deal this is.

I really can't wait to meet him. Hubby and I have so many ideas and strategies about how we want to raise him but I'm scared that we might mess up... I just can't believe how many weeks of pregnancy have passed and how many are left.

*sigh* Just feeling so overwhelmed like I can't believe it that he is going to be here so soon. Our very own little baby that we made together.  I'm so nervous about knowing how to do things properly and I'm scared that this little person will need me so much.  Hubby isn't nervous or scared, but then again he is so level headed compared to me.  I'm glad I have him there to help keep me sane hehe.


  1. It's weird not having much time left, isn't it? I remember being 8 or 10 weeks pregnant and thinking it would be forever until he got here, and now less than 5 weeks seems like not that long. In a way I really want him to get here NOW, but I'm also trying to enjoy these last few weeks with my husband and my sanity! haha.

  2. Emma, you're going to do GREAT! It's going to be a grand adventure.....