Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The good and the bad about pregnancy

Ok... so maybe I'll start with the negatives... the things that I haven't enjoyed about pregnancy...
  1. When pregnant, at least in the later stages, it is recommended that you do not sleep on your back... and well, since lying on you front is out of the question, that leaves your side.  I HATE sleeping on my side.  I never used to sleep on my front but it would be nice to have the choice at least! Hehe.  I remember one day lying on my tummy in front of the tv... my fave way to watch the tv... and forgetting I had a bump.  Boy, did that hurt!

  2. The long list of foods you aren't supposed to eat.  Brie is one of my favourite cheese but that's on the list.  Mussels... yummy... but they are on the list.  You get the point.

  3. I'm limited to what I wear when I go out anywhere.  I bought so many maternity tops and now... none of them fit.  I had to buy some more new tops which are only going to do me the next 4 weeks and then I'l probably never wear them again.

  4. The fact that I need to pee so often gets irritating quite quickly.  Especially as you are bursting at the seams to go and when you finally get there you only pee a few drops!!!  It seems like the biggest waste of time.  I spend more time in the bathroom than I do anywhere else in the house!

  5. My hormones are a mess.  I get days where all I feel like doing is crying... even though things are all in order and I have no reason to cry!

  6. My bellybutton popped out.  Can't talk about this one... makes me feel ill.

  7. This one will finish my negatives list... but it's a big annoyance of mine... NO-ONE looks at my FACE anymore... everywhere I go people only seem to see the bump.  They don't even look at my big pregnant boobs... nope... just the big big bump!  It will be nice to have people talk to my face again...
and the things I like...
  1. I like the fact that I'm the one who gets to carry out this hard but extraordinary task of bringing a little one into the world for my husband and I.

  2. I do like my bump.  I think when I finally give birth my bump is something I will miss.  James and i have taken a photo every week or fortnight since we found out... It will be nice to piece them all together as a series!

  3. I love the fact that I'm off work and can take naps during the day.  I love napping...

  4. It's amazing having the baby move about inside my belly and kick... even though they hurt sometimes... it's wonderful to see how he responds to James deep voice and he has his own little pattern.  The baby wakes up and moves about when James wakes up for work but as soon as James leaves, the baby goes back to sleep :-) High fives for daddy :-)

  5. I like that there is a little surprise in my belly... we have no idea really what he looks like or anything and I can't wait to see his little face for the first time.  I think it is so interesting to see what you have created!

  6. I like the special attention I get... the extra help with absolutely everything... and the little treats :)

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  1. I like feeling the baby move too. But I agree...I miss Brie (that is one of my favorite treats too)! and wine. :) None of my tops are long enough either. Tonight we were walking around the mall and the belly panel on my pants kept slipping down and I felt so bad because my belly was hanging out. Another thing I hate is the stretch marks! ugh.