Saturday, May 24, 2008

Plans for the week

James and I are in Belfast for the whole week.  Returning home on Saturday.  It's been ages since we were up last because I don't like the bus.  The journey is about 2 and a half hours and totally hurts my back... BUT... the journey home should be the last time we have to travel on that bus because my husband is doing his driving test on Friday!! This week he will be doing an intensive driving course of 4 hours a day Monday - Thursday... and I will be relaxing! Hehe.

We are at my mums today and tomorrow and then at my mother in law's all of next week.  Glad to be here... I miss my mum dreadfully especially now that I'm off work.  She lives in a little cottage in a place called Raffrey.  It's in the country and is so peaceful an quiet.

Planning to take the week easy... relax in the garden and play with my husband's dog Sam... I'm going to read some books and take some photos and enjoy the sun.  It feels such a relief to have a week off... no menu plans or cleaning or grocery shopping!  Hubby, on the other hand, won't be able to relax all week... I think he will be too stressed about his test on Friday.  I know he'll pass it though.  He is super clever.

Last night my mum gave me a present.  She has been spending her time knitting and knitted two very beautiful cardigans for the baby.  I was so pleased as it was so unexpected!

...and this morning my sister in law gave birth to a little boy called Connor.  I'm so pleased that my little boy will have a boy cousin to play with when he arrives!  I am now officially a first time auntie too!  Not sure just yet when we will be going to see him but I'll be sure to post some photos!

Monday is our first anniversary!  I'm excited... we aren't doing a lot though... we are going for dinner tomorrow to Tony Roma's... our favourite restaurant.  We were going to go somewhere fancy but since I can no longer fit into any of my nice maternity clothes... and can only wear 3/4 length cargos... we had to change the plans... Tony Roma's is super though.

What is everyone else up to for the weekend?


  1. Have a great anniversary doll!


  2. Good luck to James for his driving test!!