Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bigger, bigger, bigger...

I cannot quite comprehend the fact that bubs is still growing and will continue to grow in my belly until he arrives!  I still have no stretch marks on my bump (which is definitely a mystery), but I do have them elsewhere.  I have some on my boobs (due to the fact that they have grown 2 sizes sine getting pregnant.. woohoo!) and a couple on my thighs but my tattoos remain perfect.

Bubs weighs about 5 1/2lbs... he will continue to gain weight and put on more fat but he shouldn't get much longer.  This is a good thing considering he would have nowhere to put his legs.  They are already tucked neatly in my ribcage hehe.  It is becoming painful when one of his limbs protrudes from my bump.  I give it a little poke to make him move.  His movements have definately decreased.  This is partly due to the fact that he has less space but also because he is developing sleep patterns and this is how he spends a lot of his day and night, much like how the first few weeks will be when he arrives.

Bub's kidneys and liver are now fully developed and are starting to process waste in practice for the outside world.

Today I had to go shopping and buy new maternity tops and some comfy trousers as my maternity jeans no longer fit.  I got the trousers in the above picture from Topshop and they are WONDERFUL!  I doubt very much that I will wear anything else between now and the birth.
It's getting very hard to walk now.  I'm used to walking very fast so its taken a lot of getting used to walking slowly everywhere I go.  I also find myself having to hold my bump when I walk because it feels so heavy.  I sometimes sit and wonder what it must feel like to stand and walk for the first time after giving birth.  Just by giving birth I will lose nearly a stone in one go!  I imagine it feels a little like walking on air!

I'm still not nervous or scared about the birth.  I'm just very excited and can't wait for it to happen.  I get excited anytime I have bad pains because I keep thinking it is things starting to happen, only to be disappointed when the pains go away.  My bag is packed and sitting beside the door ready to go.

I don't have anything else to report except last week I had a midwife appointment.  It only lasted 4 minutes because everything was great and the baby is super healthy :)

James and I are also pretty much decided on a name... sssssh.


  1. sssssh is a very odd name to lumber a kid with, andit should have a capital 'S'.

    Glad it's all going so swimmingly. Good luck with the last month.

  2. i cant believe u managed to get through the whole of pregnancy without getting a stretchmark on ur tummy. lol