Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Catch up...

So we are still in Belfast but now were at my mother in laws.  We came here on Monday morning.  Hubby and I have now been marrried for a year.  We celebrated our anniversary on Sunday night instead of Monday because sitting in with in laws isn't exactly fireworks... anyways... we went to our favourite restaurant - Tony Romas and we stuffed ourselves on chicken wings, ribs, desert and (non-alcoholic for me) cocktails.  Because the weather is nice over here at the minute we also put up the tent in my mum's back garden and we camped out... how many pregnant women do you know have done that!! hehe!  It was fun except the air mattress we pumped up deflated at about 4 am and hubby was a little annoyed when I woke him to pump it up again... couldn't be doing with lying on the groiund though!!  I do like camping out :)

Last night we went to see sister in laws baby.  He was born 5 days overdue and weighs just 6lbs 14 and is sooooooooo teeny.  I can't imagine what size he would have been if he had arrived on time or even a week early!!  He is called Conor and he is so gorgeous.  It made me so broody holding him last night and I just can't wait for this little one to come out!  (Having a bump makes holding a newborn that bit easier... at least until my little one starts kicking the other little one lying on top of him!).  I think it's lovely that the 2 cousins are going to be so close in age... there will only be a maximum of a month between them.

Hubby's driving is going well and he is feeling more confident about his test on Friday.  We have a little barbecue organised either way... either celebratory... or to drown his sorrows... I know he'll get it though because he's really clever.

So that's it... nothing much going on here really... no moves on the baby front unfortunately and to be honest I'm getting a little bit grumpy... for anyone reading this post who has had a baby... how did you distract yourself in the last few weeks... because time is totally dragging!

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