Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Not long now!

There has been no more signs of the baby coming early after the other day which is good.  The longer he hangs in there, the smarter he will be (the last few weeks are all about brain development!) and he will be stronger too.  He is busy putting on fat now so when he comes out he isn't too cold!  He is approximately 5lbs now and 45cm long!  James and I are both on tenterhooks following our trip to hospital on Monday but were reassured by the fact that 99% of babies who are born at week 34 - 35 survive just fine on the outside world.

Our baby is very active these days.  He does not have a lot of room to kick about but he can certainly stretch and squirm.  My whole belly makes the oddest shapes when an elbow or knee protrudes from it.

I can't wait to meet this little man who is causing mischief!


  1. One of my most favorite memories of pregnancy was when they would stretch out and I could feel their TOES poking under my ribs. I have a photo like yours, too. Glad you're feeling good (under the circumstances) :)

  2. hii! i'm actually quite excited about your baby's coming. cant wait to see photos of him on your blog! :D