Thursday, May 15, 2008

What I'm most looking forward to about having a baby...

This topic came up on a forum I go to regularly and I had a little think myself.

What I'm looking forward to most
  1. I am really excited to actually give birth. I think it's one of the most ultimate experiences. It's going to hurt a lot and everything but the pain is just a means to getting my baby at the end... and a baby at the end of the labour is totally worth it. Also, by giving birth I will have my own body back. I have forgotten what it feels like to not be heavy and sore! Hehe

  2. I'm looking forward to naming him. We have chosen a couple of names but we aren't going to settle on one until we see him and see what suits him best. Naming a baby is a huge responsibility because it has to have that name for his whole life!

  3. I can't wait to see James hold the baby for the first time. They are going to be best mates so I can't wait to see how they take to each other immediately.

  4. I'm excited to be giving my mum her first grandchild, Flo her second grandchild and giving Granny and Granda Rodwell their first great grandchild. He is a lucky baby having a set of Great Grandparents, 2 Granny's and 3 Grandads (Mum and Harry, Maurice and Flo and Dad).

  5. I'm looking forward to spending my money on the baby instead of myself. Since becoming pregnant I have found it so hard to spend money on things for me... but jump at the chance to buy a cute little outfit or toy. I'll always put the baby before myself when it comes to getting treats... hehe.

  6. I can't wait to have family days out and family dinners just the 3 of us.

  7. I'm so excited to be a proper stay at home mum/ wife. Apart from giving up work, I feel a lot happier being able to look after the baby myself... it would break my heart to have to send him away to a childminder. I'm lucky to have the chance to stay at home and take care of him myself. I am also enjoying being a stay at home wife as well and having the house all spic and span and the dinner on for James coming home (look at me... who'd have thought, me domesticated!)

  8. Can't wait to hear the baby cry the first time and scrunch up his wrinkly little newborn face.

  9. It's great that I'm having the baby in the summer because we can go for lots of walks in the sunshine.

  10. Seeing how much alike James and the baby look. Two very handsome chaps!

  11. It's superficial I know, but I can't wait to go shopping for non-maternity clothes... the summer clothes in the shops at the minute are gorgeous!!

  12. I am looking forward to discovering the baby's first.... first step, words, food, tooth...

  13. Looking forward to taking the baby to baby swimming and baby gym... and meeting other mums there.

  14. I can't wait to have people ooh and aah at how cute he is. Being told how amazing he is while I sit nodding my head and agreeing.

  15. I can't wait to make James proud of me AND himself.
I could go on forever... I'm in so much pain these days that these little things make the pain go away a bit because I know out of 40 weeks, 4 weeks and 6 days is nothing! Although for being known to have no patience... I think I've done alright!!

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