Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pregnant Legs


I don't know what has happened... I have never really worried about my weight and since becoming pregnant I have worried even less. Recently I bought some new comfy clothes to wear around the house and this whole week I haven't really left the house... therefore only been wearing my comfy slob about the house clothes. Well, today I got a shock when I tried to get ready for a Dr. appointment and could no longer fit into my maternity jeans. It's not that my bump is too big... no. These jeans are made for big bumps. It was because my legs are too big... and my bum! :( They fitted me fine last week and now all of a sudden when I walk my thighs rub together. They have never been like this. I guess it was just a little shock to the system. I called hubby in a panic, crying like a mad woman to tell him I'm to fat to wear anything other than my slobby clothes. I cried down the phone to him for 5 minutes. Now I feel a little silly about that but still overwhelmed that my body resembles nothing that it did before becoming pregnant. I can't even cross my legs anymore...

and to top it all off, I now have nothing to wear for our anniversary dinner on Sunday night. I had planned a casual but smart outfit with my jeans, red patent shoes and a lovely black polka dot top. Looks like I might have to wear black jogging bottoms with those shoes and top! Not sure what to do to be honest! Being only 4 weeks away from my due date I can't justify buying any more maternity clothes...

Please make me feel better about this! Maybe it's only water retention or something.... um....


  1. um..i think the 'fat' on your legs are to help you along with your delivery. I have absolutely no idea but it's probably something like girls having hips 'cos we're meant to get pregnant. And if it's any consolation, I heard that breastfeeding helps you to lose weight after pregnancy :D cheer up.

  2. I would suggest buying a dress or two. I searched the internet until I found some cheap and yet cute/comfy looking dresses that I knew would last the summer (for during and after the pregnancy). They are no hassle, make me feel way better about my overall weight gain, and are a lifesaver now that the temperature here is so high every day!

    I'm sorry you're feeling rotten right now, trust me I understand! I'm ready to get this kid out so I can start losing weight and feeling better about myself.