Friday, May 16, 2008

Picnic in the park

Today was nice...

I met hubby for a picnic on his lunch break in a park right beside where he works. I took some cold pesto pasta, cereal bars, carrot sticks and cherry tomatoes and some crisps and we sat there on my new picnic blanket (pressie from mother in law so I can sit in the park with the baby). It felt wonderful being outside in the sunshine and it was lovely to have hubby with me for longer than 20 minutes at lunch. He normally only has 20 minutes because it takes him so long to walk home and back. Being beside his work meant we had nearly 45 minutes :)

Recently I have been finding it hard to be motivated to get up and go do something... having spent so much time off work I find myself pottering about the house and doing odd tasks... also, because of how heavy my bump is, it is quite sore walking for a long period of time. It feels such a waste of the lovely sunshine (a rare occurrence here in Ireland) sitting indoors all day (plus we live in an apartment so don't have a garden) but I guess it's just one of the ruts you get into. I also have no friends who are off during the day to go do fun things with. My mum lives in Belfast and that's a 2 and a half hour drive away. Anyways... today I decided. Fresh air is good for you and if it's good for me it's good for the baby in my belly so I'm making a pact with myself to get out for a couple of hours at least every day. I'm gonna pack nice picnic lunches for hubby and I and make the next 4 weeks before baby comes really count.

Herbert Park is really lovely. It's easy to find a nice quiet spot to lye down and read a book without being interrupted. There is also a bowling green and tennis courts, a pond and soooooo many lovely flowers! Beside the pond today I saw the following female and male duck. They were just so adorable with their heads tucked into their feathers!

I had such a peaceful time then when hubby left to just sit and think and read. Normally I have music on my ipod or speakers but I forgot to charge the battery... so today I just listened to the birds and lovely summer sounds... and I'm so glad I did. I thought about how lovely it is going to be to bring the baby to the park and sit and play on the blanket while waiting for daddy to meet us for lunch. I can't wait. Thinking about the lovely thing we are going to do with the baby makes the pain and impatience I sometimes feel, totally worth it :)

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