Wednesday, May 2, 2012

{2} 20 Facts About Me

Wow!  I'm so pleased to see so many of you taking part in the 31 Day Blog Challenge!  I didn't think that many would be interested... so I'm glad you're all looking forward to the next few weeks!  I am going to keep the linkys open for a whole month, so if you miss a day for whatever reason (life happens) you can still come and link up just when you get the chance.  It also means that people can start the challenge later if they like!

I've posted the challenge list in the sidebar so I don't have to post it daily... and the button is there with the grab code underneath.

I'll try and get round all your posts from yesterday today!

So... 20 facts about me... hmmm. What is there that you might not know about....
  1. I had pigs growing up! 
  2. I don't like any form of sport.  I'm laaaaazy!
  3. I am horrendously addicted to Coca Cola.
  4. I like watching horror movies, but I close my eyes for the most part.
  5. I LOVE lists.
  6. Spiders are my worst nightmare...
  7. ...and I have an irrational fear of dying.
  8. I love to sing, but am crap.  The only people who hear me are my husband and my kids!
  9. Total dog person... I don't like cats much.
  10. I can't drive! I've paid for lessons but am still to take them.... in the summer hopefully!
  11. My boobs are TINY. Gah.
  12. I'm very clumsy and accident prone. 
  13. I hate beer.
  14. I LOVE food....I definitely eat man size portions.
  15.  I have a tattoo on my wrist and on my hip.
  16. My favourite colour is blue.... teal, turquoise and duck egg to be exact.
  17. I hate it when people are LATE!  
  18. My husband proposed to me at a music festival in London.
  19. I can't eat milk, cream or butter.... but I'm not lactose intolerant... those 3 things just make me sick.
  20. My husband says I'm over-emotional.


  1. I love pigs :) and i eat alot too lol. i find it so interesting reading about other people. Lovely blog idea x

  2. I am the same with the food and people being late. Over-emotional? You're just in touch with your feelings and not afraid to show them ;)

  3. I am totally loving the 31day challenge. :) thank you xxx

  4. I too love horror films and have a major addiction to coca cola! People think i'm joking when i say that but i seriously get withdrawal symptoms if i dont drink any! lol xxx

  5. I was severely addicted to Dr Pepper for about 10 years. I gave it up cold turkey in September 2011 and haven't had once since. Hardest thing I ever had to do! Lol. Loving the posts today!

  6. I can relate with the boobs. I'm cherishing my breastfeeding boobs right now. Lol.

    I also have an irrational fear or dying, hence my #18 ;)

  7. With you on the dying thing, totally irrational but understandable! I like having small boobs, i get away with bra free days, other school run mums dont- ha!

  8. I just found you and I've joined a day late so I'm going to have to play catch up but I this is great -- I need something to get me motivated to blog regularly and this might be the ticket :-) Thanks!

  9. After reading this I think we have a few things in common :-)

  10. Loving the 31 Day Challenge :)
    I can relate to the tiny boobs, they're pants! lol x

  11. Love dogs and lists too! Thanks for this great exercise, I'm really enjoying it.

  12. Hello Emma! I love your list. When I watch horror movies I mostly hide behind my knitting and just listen to them. LOL I love dogs too. Obsessively. If I see them I always really want to pet them. :)

  13. Jumping in on Day 2, as I already have it done and set as my "about me" page. I'll catch up on the others via new posts. Thanks for hosting.

  14. Haha, this could be my list. I've struggled to write ones that aren't actually on here already lol