Tuesday, May 29, 2012

{29} Where I've Travelled

I've been to:

Tunisia: I was about 3 and went with my mum and dad.

Malta: This photo was taken at the set of the Popeye movie!

Spain/ France/ Andorra: I went to Spain, France and Andorra with my family and then I went to Spain with a school friend!  I can't believe my mum and dad let me go to Spain on my own with my friend and her family.  It was so much fun!

Virginia: I went to Virginia as an Au Pair for a little 3 year old girl when I was 18.

Cape Cod:  We holidayed in Cape Cod while I was in America.

Amsterdam: Mine and James' first holiday together.

India: Our first BIG holiday together!  This photo is of me at the Taj Mahal.

Cuba: Our honeymoon!

Apart from the above, I've been to many places in Ireland, England and Scotland.  I also went to Belgium on a school holiday but I don't have any photos of it!


  1. wow! so many places! I haven't been much outside the southern part of us!

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  3. Some interesting and diverse places here. I got rid of the comment above as I made a typo.

  4. Oh, I have serious travel envy... What a great selection of places- I would love to go to Cuba! x

  5. Great variety of places - and you have reminded me that I spent a summer working with kids on Belgium when I was 18 - forgot to include that! Joining in (with some pre-scheduled posts) from beautiful Rome :)

  6. That is awesome! I'm slightly jealous that you've been to the Taj Mahal.