Monday, May 14, 2012

{14} If I Won The Lottery

I've always thought about how lovely it would be to win just enough money for things to be comfortable. A silly dream however, considering that James and I never play the lottery. Ever.

If I did ever happen to win an amount, I wouldn't need quite the entire jackpot.

I would like to win enough to pay off our debts (mortgage, credit card and the like), give an amount to various charities, I would buy a large 5 bedroom house with massive gardens (and hire someone to manage the upkeep!!)... large enough to have all my future grandchildren to stay etc.  I would buy a lovely car (loving the Mini All4!), I'd pay off some family debts... mortgages etc, buy my brothers a car each, and put enough aside for a FEW holidays!

I'd like to start my own photography business in the future, so with some of the winnings I could buy a lot of new equipment... and I LOVE clothes shopping, so would have to fill my wardrobe with new stuff!!

With whatever was left, I would put it into savings for Ollie and Nate so that it would pay for their first car, university fees, go toward a house, business startup or even their weddings!

Ah, one can dream!


  1. Sounds pretty close to my dream! And I don't play the lottery, either, although I *have* been suckered in to those Publisher's Clearing House sweepstakes. Hey, I could definitely put $5,000 a week to good use!
    I've never wanted to live extravagantly, just comfortably... with lots and lots of wiggle room!

  2. I've thought about winning the lottery too. My husband talks me into buying tickets once or twice a month, so we have a shot at least. I'd like to pay off all our debt (mortgage, school loans, cars) and then sell our house and buy/build a log cabin on a big plot of land. I'd pay off the mortgages/school loans for all of our immediate family members. I'd plan a honeymoon for my husband and I, since we never went on one, as well as take my family on a big vacation. I'd continue to work, or go back to school for a phd, and then go back to work. I do like what I do and I like working at least part time. It would be great to have/win enough money to do even some of this. I'd settle for paying off our mortgage and school loans.

  3. I've never bought a ticket, so I would say it would be a miracle if I won!

  4. yes... holidays! and I think I would buy a hot tub for our back yard... it would be so nice to rest a tired mama body in there in the evening! :)

    Nice to meet you!
    Emily from bloggymoms

  5. Ooh I'm liking the sounds of clothes shopping!

  6. I love your Blog Challenge, I wish I would have seen it earlier so I could have joined it! It would have been so much fun. Please let me know when you have this again!

    I wish I bought lottery tickets...I still always hope to win by finding a winning ticket on the street randomly! =P