Friday, May 25, 2012

...Thoughts On Friday

Ah!  Today is GORGEOUS outside... 22 degrees to be exact!  How often does Belfast get this sort of weather.... RARELY.  We are really enjoying it.  Ollie is loving the freedom of having the door wide open and being able to come and go as he pleases into the garden.  We've got the suncream, sunhats, shorts, lemon water in the fridge...I hope it lasts!

Nate is teething horrendously!!  It's crazy how much different he is teething to the way Ollie did.  Of course Ollie had some grizzly days, but nothing to the extent of the screaming that Nate does.  He SCREAMS one minute and then the next minute he will happily, quietly guzzle his bottle.

As you can see I've changed the name of my blog.  I wanted a custom domain and unfortunately Boy Oh Boy was already a site (of the pornographic nature............), so anyway, I played around a little with different names and finally found a blog name with a domain available... so welcome to outMUMbered!  I wanted something short and to the point... I'm a mum outnumbered by a male dog, 2 sons and a husband!

I've been eating salads all this week!! Marks and Spencers have gorgeous ones on offer at the moment and they are all really healthy and filling.  I've also started drinking water in an effort to break my coke habit.  I made lemon water this morning and it's lovely!  Maybe the weight will start dropping off soon!

I'm single parenting again at the moment.  Gah.  It's hard doing it all alone, but that's the way the world has to work sometimes.  James is back in London since last week... was home the weekend, this week (not home this weekend even though it's our anniversary) and all next week.  He will be home on Friday.  I've found this week harder than other weeks because Nate's been so upset and I kind of feel like I've been neglecting Ollie.

That's all the randomness at the moment I think.


  1. Love the new blog name! Well done on your 'single' parenting - I feel I'm kinda in the same boat, hubby is now working 7 days a week for the whole summer, leaving at 9am and getting back at 8pm which is after Leo's in bed. Its hard with an energetic toddler and a 6 month baby bump!

  2. OutMumbered is genius. Best blog name ever

  3. I love lemony water - I go through phases with it, like you I'm a coke addict trying to quit - ooh, I do mean coca cola, lol! I do really well for a week or so and then have a really busy day or a really bad day and 'need' a coke, then I get hooked again!

    glorious weather in England too. Mid twenties here, it's far too hot but I have to make the most of it anyway. Hope you enjoy your weekend, even though James isn't there to share it.

  4. Love the new blog name.

    Tough when your hubby is away - mine was away just 3 days this week, but I found it tough.

    Isn't the weather AMAZING!

  5. I LOVE the new blog name! It is perfect!!!! I am in the same boat as you. I have 2 sons, a husband and we have a male dog. :)