Monday, May 7, 2012

{7} My Pet Hates

O0o0o0oh.... what gets my goat.... hmmmm.... think I had better make it a list!
  1. I can't stand lateness. Gah!! Why can people just not be on time?
  2. I don't like waiting in traffic, or queues...
  3. ...or walking behind someone that is walking really slowly... move over and let me pass!
  4. Smoking... especially in the vicinity of my children.
  5. My asthma.
  6. People dropping their rubbish!
  7. Facebook.  I've gone off it since joining Twitter!
  8. Ironing!
  9. Bad manners...
  10. One sided friendships.
  11. People not cleaning up their dogs poop.
  12. People who tell lies.
  13. Kids toys that come in packets that take forever and a screwdriver to open!
I'm sure I could go on but I don't want to overwhelm you all!!


  1. I share some same hates....I may have gone over the top with mine

  2. I tried to reign mine in a little to avoid a full blown rant, but most of yours apply to me- especially slow people and dog poo!

  3. Yep very common pet hates i think! I agree anyway!

  4. I'm liking how we have all shown restraint with this challenge ;)

  5. I swear, the more I read of other people, the more I realise that I am ridiculously long-winded. I'm sure I must be someone else's pet hate! ;)

    Anyway, I totally agree with MANY of these things!

  6. I'm currently out numbered by boys too, with 2 sons and my husband! I have another baby on the way. Maybe it will be a girl;) Stopping by from SITS

  7. Great list, i totally agree with most of these xx