Tuesday, May 15, 2012

{15} A Day In My Life

A timeline of a day in the life of me?  I'm interested in how others spend their days... I am a person who loves routine and following to-do lists.  I thrive on predictability in my day.  I love knowing what is going to happen or who I am going to see/ what I am going to do.  One of the funnest things I do in the week is fill out my calendar!  Is that totally ridiculous?

A normal day in the life of me goes as follows:

6.30am Ollie bounds into the room shouting "I kept my bed dry!!!", every morning!  He climbs in beside James and I and plays on the iPad for a bit while James and I catch a few extra ZZZZZZs.

7.30am Nate is normally awake by this time and he joins us in bed too.  He is normally super happy in the mornings and in bed is where we have some of the funnest Ollie/ Nate interactions.  James gets ready and leaves for work.

8.30am We are normally still chilling out on the bed, chatting, playing etc.  I dress Nate for the day and then bring up a bottle and feed Nate in bed before getting Ollie his breakfast.  He LOVES cereal.  I don't have any breakfast.

9.00am I check my reader, twitter and facebook quickly and then do a tidy of downstairs.... dishes etc.  I also vacuum every morning because I cannot STAND dog hairs.  I normally get a load of laundry on to wash too.  When I've done my few chores we play together and have a relaxed morning.

10.00am Nate goes down for a nap, which is perfect timing as it gives me time to get ready for the day.  I shower, dress, do my hair and then my makeup.  Then I tidy the bedroom and make my bed.  Ollie plays independently with lego, cars, drawing, chasing the dog...

11.00am It's quite early in the day for lunch, but Ollie needs to eat lunch at 11.00 so we can get out on time for school!  He eats anything from olives, carrots sticks and humous, dairylea dunkers to beans on toast or spaghetti bolognese.

11.30am I wake nate from his nap and give him a bottle.

11.40am Once Ollie is finished lunch I put him into his school uniform, wash his face, brush his teeth and get him full ready to go.  I check to make sure I have enough change in my purse for the bus and that I have everything I will need for the day.

11.55am We leave for the bus which arrives at 12.05.

12.30pm I leave Ollie at school and decide what Nate and I are going to do. Sometimes I meet a friend for lunch nearby (Ollie is only at school for 2 hours 15 minutes so it isn't a great deal of time to make big plans), sometimes I wander around the shops and pick something up for dinner or sometimes I go home and put my feet up with Nate for an hour and a bit.  Nate almost always needs fed during this time while Ollie is in school, so he is either fed at home or we will sit in a cafe and I will feed him there while I get a peppermint tea/ coffee.

2.45pm I go to collect Ollie.  He is normally really full of beans and happy to tell me about his time at school... what snack he had, who he played with etc.  We rush from his school to the bus stop to make it on time.

3.15pm We arrive home, Ollie kicks his shoes off and settles on the sofa to watch some tv and have wind down time.  I will change a load of laundry in the dryer etc and plan what to have for dinner.

4.30pm James arrives home and takes over the childcare while I make dinner.

5.00pm We have dinner together and then spend the rest of the evening playing, watching tv, chatting, getting ready for bed and clearing up the dinner things.

7.00pm Nate gets a bottle and goes to bed first and once he is settled Ollie goes to bed!

7.15pm-? James and I normally relax together for the rest of the night until bedtime.  We normally watch a movie together and have chocolate!  I will blog, edit photos, catch up on emails and twitter etc.  Bedtime for us can be anything from 10.30-12!


  1. Looks like a fab routine to me! I love predictability in my day to day which is why I miss my old 9-5 days sometimes.

    Also- no, filling out the calendar is one of my weekly highlights too and isn't sad whatsoever. And tsk at you for not eating breakfast!! x

  2. Stopping by a little late from the Spring Fling! I like your blog - very cute!! I'm outnumbered by boys, too :)

  3. It's great that with your eldest child you have the afternoon nursery school place - means a much more relaxing morning for you all. With a second child as I was taking the eldest to school, it was easier to have a morning place.

    Thanks for sharing :)

    Are you taking part in Spring Fling too? I am, and it is great to take a fresh look at everything, isn't it!

  4. I would love to have a routine! My day is molded around trying to get Chaos to eat and sleep then the school run at 2.30. I love that you spend a lot of time just with the boys, it's great! x

  5. Love your challenge! It's awesome :D I would have taken part myself but as we go on holiday for 2 weeks I thought it would spoil it a little bit! Good luck with the rest of the challeng X


  6. I love filling out my calendar too. :)