Friday, May 25, 2012

{25} Blogs I Love

I thought this would be a really good challenge today so that we could all discover some new blogs.  I have 100+ blogs in my reader so choosing my 5 favourites is really hard!  Here they are in no particular order!
  1. A Beautiful Mess: Full of cute pictures, craft tutorials and lots of lovely things
  2. Motherventing: See for yourself... she don't take any crap!
  3. Baby Makin Machine: Blogged about her journey first time TTC... now she is doing it again!
  4. Smitten Kitchen: Amaaahzing recipes!  
  5. Little Chief Honeybee: A bright and cheerful blog full of cute fashion and lovely things!  She's getting married!


  1. Heh- motherventing gets away with saying all the stuff I'm thinking but would never say outloud lol. A couple there I'm not familiar with- I shall add them to my list!! xx

  2. Great choices - I've given the first one a follow on Pinterest, and as for the second - well it's the sort of thing I am tempted to put in my own blog. I will be partaking of some gin this weekend (although only Pimms so well diluted).

  3. I only have a top 3; very new to blogspot so I'll be checking out everyone else's favourites to find some more brilliant bloggers to follow :) x