Monday, April 23, 2012

Rock Monsters!

Ollie and I spent Friday making Rock Monsters.  We used rocks that we picked up on our way home from a walk.... got out the goggly eyes, foam shapes, tiny pom poms and glue.... and I let him get on with it.  He turned out the cutest little rock monster family and it really proud of them.  He even gave them all names.  Aren't they cute?

Everything laid out ready to go!
Ollie's delight at the goggly eyes!
Having fun with the glue!

(*Original idea came from Jennifer's Little World)


  1. Hi! Newest follower here. Love your blog.. this is such a neat idea!! :)

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  2. Another new follower here! Your blog caught my eye as I'm a Mommy to 2 boys too and boy am I outnumbered! Love your blog and would love if you would follow me back if you like what you see! I love this project too!

  3. This is a great idea! I'm a mom to one sweet and sometimes crazy little toddler. I'm always looking for ways to integrate a little art into her life and this is one that I've got to try. These are so cute and so easy for little ones to make.
    I found you over at the blog hop party and now I'm happily following you along. I'd love for you to come and check me out too.
    Take care,