Friday, April 20, 2012

My Week In Tweets!

{14th April}
  • Well… it looks like my littlest is teething. How unfair!? He is far too little for such pain!
  • Today must have been stressful! I'e just devoured an entire 2-people sized bar of chocolate in less than 5 minutes. So unlike me.
{15th April}
  • Sunday morning loveliness <3
  • Off to the inlaws for lunch on this sunny Sunday :)
  • Deconstructed burger for supper tonight :) (burger, cheese, bacon, avocado, chilli ketchup and cajun mayo).
  • Teething is the work of the devil. My poor tiny twelve week old baby!! Temp and red cheeks all day.... drooling and howling. Not happy :(
{16th April}
  • Woke up to two sicky boys today!! Oh joy!
  • My sweet dog, Dexter, snuggling up while watching tv.
{17th April}
  • Hubby is off to Gdansk, Poland today... 4 days of single parenting again. Me and the boys aren't well so here's hoping the days go fast!
  • We're at Grandma and Grandpa's for dinner.
  • Nate is sleeping all snuggled up as if butter wouldn't melt.

{18th April}
  • Having such a peaceful lunchtime with my littlest while the biggest is at preschool :) sigh.
  • Glee didn't used to be this cringey did it
  • I've had a productive day! De-cluttered Ollie's toy boxes, kitchen sparkling and have spent the last 2 1/2 hours IRONING! Me? Domesticated?
  • I'm wishing Friday would come quicker! Hubby is in Poland on business until Saturday and I hate when he isn't home!
{20th April}
  • My biggest boy was up most of the night with nightmares and sods law it's the night my littlest sleeps really well! 7 hour stretch! Go Nate!
  • Yay!! Ollie is starting Primary School in September!
  • A stroll in the sun always makes the day seem better :)
  • Nate is finally asleep after much screaming. Stupid teeth!!!
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  1. poor little guy! Mine were all late teethers so I bet Jocelyn will follow suit!

  2. Teething at twelve weeks. Killer! Hope it gets better, he's a cutie!

  3. Your little one is SO cute! That burger totally made my mouth water. These are great pics - thanks so much for linking up this week!