Thursday, April 26, 2012

Project 365 Week 13 and 14

{11th April} A trip to the park with the boys and my bestie, Aimee and Godson, Leo.

 {12th April} I have been letting Nate have a go now and again in his Bumbo.  He likes it and his head control has improved massively since we started.

{13th April} Nate is now wearing 3-6 month sleepsuits!  He is growing so fast!

{14th April}  Nate's grasp on objects is getting a lot better.  He aims for toys he wants now under his babygym etc.  Here's Sophie The Giraffe.

{15th April} Coca Cola and a WHOLE bar of Cadbury Bubbly chocolate at the end of a hard day!

{16th April} James and the boys.

{17th April}  We broke out the Bonjela.  Pretty sure that Nate has started teething.

{18th April} Brotherly Love.

{19th April} Nate lying there being all cute!

{20th April} We got an exciting letter to say that Ollie had been accepted into Primary 1 at Forge Integrated Primary School.  He starts in September!

{21st April} Ollie and I made rock monsters together.

{22nd April} I spent Saturday morning in Knockbreda Health Centre with an asthma attack.  I haven't had one in YEARS and it was horrible!

{23rd April} Recovering at home with my inhalers and a course of steroids.

{24th April} Nate had to go for his second set of immunisations.  While there he was weighed and now weighs a fab 15lbs!!

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  1. ROCK MONSTERS!!! What a great idea! I love the one who's eyes don't match!!