Thursday, April 12, 2012

Project 365 Week 11 and 12

{28th March} Cutesy Tootsie in multicoloured stripes!

{29th March} Ollie wasn't very well.  He had a runny nose and wanted me to take funny photos of him!  Anything to cheer a sick kid up!

{30th March} Nate's head control and strength is just amazing right now.  He seems to have got it so fast!

{31st March} I arrive in London (on my OWN... no kids!) and go for a yummy meal with James.

{1st April} Hangover for hell, so we find the best burger place in the whole of London... more like, best burger place in the whole world!

{2nd April} London :)

{3rd April} Nate :)

{4th April}  Nate's very favourite toy at the moment is this little blue creature.  When you pull the cord it vibrates and Nate beams from ear to ear if you let it vibrate on his cheek or nose.

{5th April} Smiley boy.

{6th April} Dexter has taken to occupying Nate's changing mat when it is not in use.  Look at him lying there without a care in the world!

{7th April} Handsome Natey.

{8th April} Happy boy with his Easter treats!

{9th April} Handsome Ollie!

{10th April} Brotherly bonding under the baby gym.  My boys are so cute together!

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