Tuesday, April 24, 2012

In 10 years time....

My friend Lisa posted about what she might be doing in 10 years time.  

I hadn't given the next 10 years a lot of thought to be honest.  Now that I've had a think, I can't stop thinking about all the things we might do/ accomplish etc in our family.

In 10 years time I will be 37.  That seems like a million miles away having not even celebrated my 30th birthday with a huge party yet!  I hope to be an established wedding/ portrait photographer.  I can't imagine doing anything else but take photos for a living.  I have a great camera that I bought last year, but have still not ventured off auto.  I am developing my skills in other areas but really need to learn how to use the camera to it's full potential!  I can't wait for the day that I can call myself a photographer and make money from my hobby.... I could never go back to working in an office again.

In 10 years time I would like to have travelled a bit more.  The boys will be older so I hope we will have seen some of the world as a family.  Travelling is important to me, and I haven't been on a proper adventure since our honeymoon in Cuba and India 8 months prior.

I also have a dream about creating a children's book, though I'd like that to be a joint adventure with my hubby.  He thinks up crazy cool stories and I would do the illustrations.

James will be 42!  That sounds crazy to me.  He doesn't act like his age half the time, so I doubt he will have caught up with himself by the time he is 42.  In terms of James' career, we may not even be living in Ireland in 10 years time.  There are a ton of places in the world that offer better opportunities for him.  I'm not sure where we may settle some day, but I doubt we will live in Northern Ireland forever.

Ollie will be almost 14.  He will have left Primary School and will have gone on to Secondary/ High School.  He will be studying interesting subjects and learning things that I will have long forgotten (being 20 years since I will have left school!)...

Nate will be 10.  He is so tiny now, to imagine him as a 10 year old is crazy!

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?


  1. Ah, it's crazy to think of where we'll be in 10 years!! Oh how I want to sllllloooowww down the time. ha ha. That's so awesome you want to be a photographer! I love taking pictures too, but I'm not very good at it. Hehe. I may have to do a post on this.

  2. My goodness. I will be 35, with a 15, 14, and 10 year old. I don't have a clue what I'll be doing with myself by then.

    You can shoot on manual! I have faith in you!