Friday, April 13, 2012

...on being a mama to boys

I never guessed that I would have not only one, but TWO boys!  I think I always assumed I would have a girl or two, seeing as all my dolls were girls... I loved dressing them up, doing their hair etc.  It never occurred to me that the sonographer would say "it's a boy"!  When we were told our first baby would be a boy I was so surprised and taken aback.  I wondered, how would I ever entertain a boy... boys like mud and trucks do you change a boy's nappy... gah a penis!!  I've always been a bit of a girly girl so entering the world of male babies was such an unknown.

Although I was so surprised to hear we were having a boy, it soon clicked and something just felt right about having a little boy.  I was so excited to have a mini-James.... and knew James was going to be the funnest dad a boy could ever have!

Roll on 3 years when we find out we are expecting boy number 2.  The moment the sonographer focused on the 'parts' I excitedly exclaimed "It's a boy isn't it??!" and she confirmed I was right!  This time around it didn't come as a shock, I had been expecting it and as soon as she said it was indeed a boy, I knew our family would be complete.

Now I'm blessed with an almost 4 year old boy called Oliver (Ollie) and an almost 3 month old called Nathaniel (Nate).  I couldn't imagine my life any other way.  The day we brought Nate home and I had Ollie snuggling him in my bed, I knew that was us.... our little family... the 4 of us against the world.  I knew that Nate and Ollie would grow up to be great friends and playmates.

My desire to have a girl someday is non-existant.  We're finished having children and I love being the only girl in a house full of boys (even the dog is a boy!).  Our house is full of trucks, trains, cars, lego, nerf guns, sand, pee on the toilet seat, random rocks etc in pockets and there is never ever a dull moment.  I love it.  I love the craziness!  I don't have to worry about braiding hair or dresses getting dirty... the boys have short hair and are SUPPOSED to get dirty ha!

I want to do my boys proud.  I want to bring them up to be good husbands and good fathers someday.  They are both already affectionate, cuddly little things... and Ollie is learning about manners.  He always let's ladies go first etc.

They both love their daddy and Ollie already tries to be like him in so many ways.  It's lovely to watch.


  1. Ahh... My heart is melting at your photo. So sweet!

    It is so special to be a Mom of boys. I'm a Mom to 3 boys so i'm surrounded too and I love it! I completely relate to you, especially about wanting to do my boys proud. It so important to me.

    Great post!

  2. I, too, am a Mama to two boys. They're amazingly awesome! I don't wish for a girl (I'm also finished having children). They are all I need :)

    Stopped by from SITS today!

  3. Boys are so much fun,I have 3 & 2 girls. They are so different from my girls & it is really amazing to see the little men they are growing into. {came by way of SITS}

  4. Congratulations on the NEw Baby... Isn't if funny how when you want something and you GET what GOD gave you (your two boys) you become content.

    I enjoyed your post. and I got your link froom the SITS Girls.

  5. Boys are fab! I'm expecting my second son in 3.5 weeks, and I can't wait! There's something about being Queen Bee of the house :)

    Stopping by from SITS!

  6. It is so special to be a mom of all boys. Like you I always thought I would have girls. A house of Little Women to dress up and play dolls with. That wasn't what happened but I think it all worked out the way it was suppose to. Glad to have found your blog :)

  7. I love this post and felt the *exact* same way. I never imagined having 2 boys (5 and 2.5) but they are pretty incredible. The brotherly love melts my heart. Honestly, I can't even imagine having a little girl. I do admit to feeling outnumbered sometimes :-)

  8. Stopping from Kelly's Korner! What a handsome boy you have! I love my dirt digging boy too. I can't imagine trying to deal with girl hair and ruffled clothes.

  9. Oh how PRECIOUS!! Your boys are so cute! Isn't life fun with two of them?! Mine are now getting to the age where they can "play" together! And it just melts my heart!

    Thanks for stopping by, I'm a follower of your now too! :)

    1. This is Rach@ That's Life by the way :)

  10. Such a SWEET post!! Aren't we so blessed to have TWO boys? I also always thought I'd have a little girl in the mix but these boys are just SO fun and I can't get enough of them! :-) By the way - can the pictures of your little guys in the right column be any cuter?! ADORABLE!!!!

  11. I am a mum to one of each, and they are so so different. It's true what they say about daddy's girls and mummy's boys, you'll always be very well looked after by your boys :)

  12. this is such a sweet sentiment! I've watched my sister raise a boy & it seems really fun. your kids are very cute!!

    hope you had a great weekend :)

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  13. Thanks for stopping by my blog!! You have some precious little guys there!! Both so handsome!!!!!! We boymoms are super BLESSED!!

  14. As a mother of a boy you have said it perfectly..
    Though we are just at the start of our family and there is room for a girl but boys bring a different kind of fun to the mix.. and yes no worrying about hair, accessories, make up and all the other things that come with girls.. while I would love to add the drama of a darling daughter and watch her turn her dad to putty..I would be content with just boys too..

    Great blog.. and a beautiful family.

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  16. A lovely post. I hadn't any brothers so it was complete learning curve for me to have boys. I stupidly thought they wouldn't like to do craft stuff, etc. But they are all very creative as well as being real boys too.