Sunday, May 9, 2010

On the phone to Grandma :)

Tonight before bed, Ollie had his first ever phone CONVERSATION!  The person lucky enough to be on the other end was his Grandma.

Ollie: Hello Grandma
Grandma:  Hello Ollie!
Ollie: How are you (he said this perfectly after prompting from me on what to say, he never ever said this before!)
Grandma:  I'm fine Ollie, how are you?!
Ollie: Okay (after more prompting)
Grandma: Are you being a good boy?
Ollie: Yes (more prompting... he has never said yes before... I have to look at him when I ask a question because he only nods!)
Ollie: Love you Grandma (came out as "luffu aama")
Grandma: (sounding super happy) I love you too Ollie
Ollie: Night night Grandma bye bye (he says night night in a whisper every single time!)

I think my mum's heart melted just like mine did a few days ago when he said "love you" for the first time to me.

His speech is coming on SO FAST, that I can't believe it.  I remember wondering a few weeks back, when they start to say small sentences and put words together.  I bet you he will be able to have a full UNPROMPTED conversation by the time he turns 2 in less than 4 weeks!


  1. Oh I remember the first time my little girl talked to Grandma on the phone! It was such a precious thing to hear! Ollie is growing up so fast!

  2. What a precious moment to have! JDaniel is hit or miss with the phone.

  3. How wonderful. Happy birthday to the little guy.

    I like the blue in your blog.


  4. When my sister was little she called our Nanna and asked if she liked the dress she was wearing. My Nanna made a big fuss, over the phone. She talked about loving the sleeves and the collar, etc. My sister was very happy.

  5. Over from Meetup Monday. I'm jealous! It goes so quickly and yet I can't wait to have a conversation with my little guy...

  6. Too cute! I love talking to my nephews on the phone. They were even cuter when they were younger. How cool!!

  7. That is so sweet! What a precious thing for Grandma and by the way he is adorable!!

  8. Oh, I've been there and done that Emma. And still doing that...

  9. Ah, that's lovely! My little'un almost one so not talking yet - when I speak to my Mum on the phone I put it on speaker, he looks at it confused then smiles at it!

    If you fancy it, I've tagged you in a meme over on mine