Friday, May 7, 2010

Future Children's Names

As you all know, my gorgeous son is called Oliver but he gets called Ollie for short (and because, personally I think it is cuter).  His full name is actually Oliver Charlie James Hughes.

Oliver - Love love love the name and it was the first name we sort of stuck with.  Before choosing it we had a few names we loved but grew bored of.  I also love how we can call him Ollie and have Ollie be his name, but he can refer to himself as either when he is older.  The name Ollie/ Oliver translates well into manhood :)

Charlie - I adore the name Charlie, but hubby wouldn't let me use it as a first name.  It became Ollie's second name as a compromise.

James - James is my husband's name.  I really wanted Ollie to have James name somewhere... I just think it is really nice and really special.

If Ollie had been a girl we were thinking of names like (I had to check his baby book because I can't remember the names we had in mind if he was a girl!): Emily, Summer, Ella and Daisy.  

In our future, when we have more children... I already have names in my head and I can't imagine calling future children anything else!

If we have another boy I would like to call him Henry.  I am not sure why, but this name sticks in my head and I can't shake it.  The name is just always there when I think about boys names.  I think Henry also goes well with Oliver.  I have no idea where I got the name idea from though.

If we have a little girl I would like to call her Penny!  Again, this name sticks in my head.  I have thought about this name so much, that I can not imagine calling a little girl anything else.  We may use one or two of our previous girls name ideas as middle names.  My middle name is Lee so we may include that.

So there you go.... Ollie (Charlie James) Hughes and one day we may also have a Henry Hughes or a Penny Hughes!

p.s. I actually LOVE the girl's name Holly.... but since we call Oliver, Ollie.... it would get a bit confusing!


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    Like the name Ollie. =)

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  5. Love the names! So cute! And I agree, girls names are much easier to come up with than boys names! :-)

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  7. Love, love, love the names. I love the name Henry but my husband wasn't crazy about it, booo on him.

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  9. Love all those names! Especially Daisy, Penny and Henry. Good taste :)

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  12. Cute cute! My husband and I are fans of older (less popular) names, like Linus, and Louise - both of which are family names. I think because my name is so popular, I really want to give my children something that makes them unique.

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  15. Our little man is Edmund Robert. Edmund cause we just really liked the name as it's a classic...bonus that it's close to Edward, my dad's name. Robert because it's my husband's first name (though he goes by his middle) and my husband's father's name as well. So in a way, our little man is named after his grandfathers.

    If we have a little girl in the future, she will be Penelope Sage...and we will call her Penny!!