Thursday, May 27, 2010

Blog Journal - Day 16

What is my worst habit?

I had to ask James for a little bit of help with this one :) We can't all be perfect eh?  Can't wait to read about your bad habits too!!

Tomorrow's question is:
What are your pet peeves?


  1. I found your blog through the blog hops, and I love it, so I'm following now!! :-D Happy Anniversary to you and your husband!! :-D

    ~ Marlie

  2. But, at least you are honest about it! LOL!

  3. Admitting it is the first step :) haha

    That's happened to me since I moved to Mexico... I'm so used to not understanding every word someone says in Spanish, that if I feel like I understood the general concept I'll say "ok"! Every once in awhile, the few words I didn't understand correctly were pretty important. Oops.

  4. sounds l like my partner - he does not multi-task well with listening and anything else!

  5. I am such a bad listener...ooppsss...and I actually sometimes have to say "Sorry, I wasn't listening!" LOL

  6. Bad habit is that I daydream and sometimes don't listen to a conversation someone might be having with me. Eek

    I'm following from Trendy Treehouse. :) Hopefully you can stop by and check us out as well.