Thursday, May 6, 2010

Our trip to Scotland

I had a very emotionally hard weekend, but we also had a really lovely weekend.

As soon as we arrived on Friday night (at 11.00pm), we found out that Granny and my aunts and uncles were at a pub called The Cobbles. We were so so tired but wanted to go and see Granny. Granny and Grandad went to The Cobbles EVERY Friday because it was folk night.... almost EVERYONE was playing an instrument or singing and in my hour there, so many folk night regulars came to offer their sympathies to my Gran and to give her a hug. They all knew my grandad well and had spent the night playing a couple of his favourite songs (Waltzing Matilda etc).  I really hope she continues to go and see all their friends.... The Cobbles was such an important part of their life together.  I was so pleased to see my Granny and hug her tight and know that she is going to be OK.

The service on Saturday was so perfect and sometimes funny too because that's the type of man my Grandad was.  he really was great, and he would have LOVED the service. Some very old friends were able to make it all the way there for him and some people found it harder than others to get there but still made it.... my cousin came from Afghanistan where he is currently serving.... he spent 6 days and nights in an airport waiting for a flight to get home. He made it home finally on time to be able to carry my Grandad's coffin.  I learnt a lot about my Grandad that I didn't know before.

There was a big barbecue at my Uncle's house after a buffet at The Cobbles.  The house was packed.  It was nice to all be together. On Sunday we had a family group photo taken of Granny, her 5 children (my aunts and uncles), her 14 grandchildren and her one and only great grandchild (Ollie). It's an amazing legacy to leave behind..... 20 descendants....

Ollie was amazing and hardly complained about anything. He didn't whinge during the 2 hour boat journey and then 4 hour drive there and the same on the way back. He didn't complain about sleeping on an airbed on the floor.... he made so many people smile and he got to know my Granny better (she has been nicknamed Gigi as in G. G.  because Great Grandmother is a bit of a mouthful for Ollie).  I'm glad I brought him with me and I'm glad James was able to take the Friday off work so he could come with us (and looked after Ollie when he got rowdy during the service!)

When we were all little, my grandad used to make up funny games that had no rules.... no rules that anyone knew anyway!! One of them was called hop-it and buzz-off.... he used to put us to bed and would then play a peekaboo type game with the duvet, but i think the aim was to see who could say hop-it or buzz-off first... like i say it had no real rules so I'm not sure what the aim really is...

On Monday night Ollie and i played hop-it and buzz-off for the very first time. He laughed so much i was sure he wasn't going to go to sleep but i didn't care. He laughed so much his eyes went watery.... it was so funny because I taught him the words hop-it and buzz-off and he can say them nearly perfectly.  We have played it each night since (and Ollie gets to sleep fine).  It feels good to carry on his tradition.

I was so sad to leave everyone again. It is still surreal that he is gone but I know he would have loved the send-off.


  1. I am sorry that you had to put your granddad to rest. It is always sad. But I am glad that you were able to go and see your granny!

    Thank you for the comment!!

    Ollie is adorable! :)

    I have suffered from losses, and it is not fun. I am sorry to hear that you have been through it too. I will always have a special place in my heart for people who have been trying to have a baby!

  2. very sorry for your loss! may he RIP.

    stopping by from SITS.

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  3. I'm sorry for your loss, but I'm glad you were able to travel to his service and were able to gain some closure. Sounds like you all really enjoyed your visit, even though it was during a tough time.

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog! How cool that you're able to carry on a fun tradition with your son! That's really cool!

  5. Hi there, stopping by from SITS. I liked the title of your blog "Toddler Awesome." That is so cute.

    Sorry for your loss, but so glad you were able to go and celebrate the life of your Grandfather.

  6. Hi. Thank you for visiting my blog and deciding to follow along. I am very happy to have you! I loved reading your posts ~ brings back memories of when my guys were little tykes! :) Have a happy Mother's Day! Uh, is it the same in Ireland? :) xoxo

  7. Again, sorry for your loss.

    It sounds like ya'll had an amazing time together as a family. The traditions sound great :)

  8. I'm sorry about your grandfather. On an unrelated note, I have an Oliver as well. :)

    Visiting from SITS- Morgan @

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