Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Talking PMM and Potty Training

We are back from Scotland, and I will write a Scotland post later tonight.

I wanted to tell you about the proud mummy moment we had last night.... Ollie's first sentence!  I bought him a little set of 5 Hot Wheels cars on the ferry back and last night James gave him the little jeep and asked him to say thank you.  Ollie then said "Thangu for da jeep".  So proud.

AND today we have started potty training.  We have had one dribble in the potty so far and one pair of wet pants.... but all in all not too bad!  I'm scared to take him outside the house though... I'm feeling a bit clueless about this potty training thing!  Any advice would be VERY much appreciated.


  1. best advice I can give with the potty training: go with the flow (no pun intended) and follow Ollie's leads. If he wants to use it, he'll let you know. Just make sure you ask regularly during the day and try to visit the potty at regular intervals: right upon waking up, right before a nap, right after a nap, etc etc. He will do it when he is ready so don't push :)

    I've heard that boys take longer to train (wouldn't know myself as I have 2 girls) but then MY oldest didn't start using the potty until 1 month before she turned 3 so there you go.

  2. If he's asking to go, great. If he's interested, great. Otherwise, he may not be ready. You'll definitely know whether he is or not. I hung a fun chart in my son's room. He got to put a sticker on it every time he told me he had to go and actually went in the potty. He also got a couple of M&Ms.

  3. Oh well I am rooting for you all the way with the potty training. Congratz' on the first sentence!
    We are not there yet, still got two in diapers. I have mixed feelings about it all. So sorry I have no advice yet.

    Happy SITS Tuesday!!

    I have a fun post on my blog in honor of Mother's Day. It's a week long celebration. Stop by and have some fun with some other Mums! You have until Saturday to link up.
    PS I love the title of your blog!!
    Cheers, Rebecca

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  5. Congrats on starting potty training! I'm a huge fan of starting early..it empowers you AND your child when they finally conquer the toilet. Plus it saves you so much money in the long run. I think finding a specific potty training program and following it closely is your best best. Find one that you think will fit your parenting style and go for it! Here is a link to a guide to some the different potty training books out there: (On Amazon)


    Good luck!
    Suzanne Riffel, author of The Potty Boot Camp: Basic Training for Toddlers