Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Project 365 Week 9 and 10

{14th March}  Handsome fella.

{15th March}  We took another trip to the park.  Ollie had a blast while Nate spent the whole time sleeping.

{16th March}  Getting better at tummytime!

{17th March}  This little fella is our bedtime friend!

{18th March}  I had a lovely Mothers Day with hubby and my gorgeous boys.  I'm of mama of 2 this year!!

{19th March}  The boys each have a fabric letter.... they aren't on the wall yet.  I find it funny that it spells No the other way around.  Ha!

{20th March}  Little brother isn't so little anymore.  It seems like yesterday that this suit was huge on him.  This is the last time he is going to be able to wear it as it's pretty much too small now!

{21st March}  My littlest man has such bad skin at the moment.  Ollie had bad eczema for quite a while and I'm praying Nate doesn't have to go through the same.  

{22nd March}  I LOVE dungarees on little boys.

{23rd March}  I found Nate asleep like this and he looked so peaceful and cute.

{24th March}  I love having James home on the weekends.  This weekend we went to Lady Dixon Park. It's a gorgeous park really close to our house.  We got perfect weather for it too!

{25th March}  Cutesy sleeping angel again.

{26th March}  We have been having such good weather!  It's nice to take the boys out without having to wrap them up in layers and layers.  Fresh air is good for the soul..... Nate was laughing at the sun!

{27th March}  It would seem we are having a little bit of a heat wave at the moment.  The weather is warm enough to not need a coat or jacket or cardigan.  I don't remember it being this good in March!

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