Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Project 365 Week 8

{7th March}  Decided it was time to take down all the new baby cards seeing as Nate is almost 2 months old now!!

{8th March}  Sleeping boy's feet!

{9th March}  We had a parent teacher meeting at Ollie's pre-school today.  It went very very well and I'm so proud of our big boy.

{10th March}  James and I went on a date!  We had steak, ribs, prawns and calamari!!  Followed by cocktails!  We had so much fun!

{11th March}  Nate and I joined James and Ollie on the weekly puddle hunt/ ramble in the forest.  I used the sling and found it comfy.  Nate loved it!

{12th March}  Happy, smiley boy in his pram!

{13th March}  Smiling at his Grandma.

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