Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The end is in sight!

I've been single-parenting on weekdays for 5 weeks now.  This is my 6th week.  James is HOME on Thursday 5th April.  I CAN'T wait.  I think it might be strange having him here everyday again.  I'm really settling into a routine being on my own with the kids and he is going to come home and spoil it all.  Ha!

My bedtime has become 9.30pm.  It means I get an extra hour and a half of sleep (Nate wakes for a feed at 11.00pm) and I find that I am SUPER tired if I don't get that extra time.  Our day starts at 7am, so going to bed at 9.30pm means I get about 8 hours sleep!  I can get both boys asleep in their rooms for 7.30pm now!  I'm a professional.... Haha!

I had to take both the boys for their jabs last week.  Ollie had his pre-school boosters (he won't need anymore until he is in secondary school) and Nate was getting his 8 week jabs.  My mum came with me for emotional support!!!  It went ok though.

I am LEAVING the boys for 3 nights on Friday!  I'm going to spend the weekend in London with James.  We've never ever been away together for a mini-break.  Not once since Ollie was born.  I'm really looking forward to it being just us.... full nights sleep, lie-ins, fancy food, cocktails, The Hunger Games, London Aquarium.... oh and a full body massage at the spa!  I'm nervous to leave the boys but am looking forward to alone time with James.

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