Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Onto Week 4 of Single Parenting!

...and only 3 more until James is back for good.  I CAN'T wait.

We are getting into a good routine during the day... I am finding that I am more organised than before and the nights are easier too!  Nate's colic seems to be settling slightly so he is easier to settle at bedtime and during the night.  I'm getting used to getting up in the night and don't feel so horrendously tired the next morning.  Only getting used to it now you might ask?  Well that's because I have an awesome hubby who did more than his fair share of the nights!  Normal service will be resuming upon his return too I can assure you! Ha!  After 7 weeks alone I will be soaking up the extra sleep!

5th April is the date that James is back properly.

I am enjoying the extra quality time I am having with my boys.  Normally when James comes home, Ollie clings to him and I don't get to see him!  Now that James is away we are spending loads more time together and it's nice.  He has such an amazing imagination at the moment.

Also, I have a nice treat coming up for myself at the end of the month!!  I am flying to London to spend a long weekend there with James.  My mum is minding Nate and James mum is minding Ollie.  We are going to go for a fancy dinner, cocktails, going to see The Hunger Games in the IMAX and will see London Aquarium too.  Because James isn't flying home that weekend, my flights get paid for instead!  I'm so excited, but nervous to leave the boys too.

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  1. I couldn't imagine managing two little ones without any help...I've had the two boys by myself now for a couple of afternoons, and I don't know how you could do it for so long! And, that sounds like an amazing trip!!