Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Project 365 Week 7

{29th February}  This is the first smile I have managed to capture on camera... not the best photo but it's so hard to grin at him and coo to make him smile while holding a massive camera at the same time :)  Doesn't he look darling though.  His smiles are amazing.

{1st March}  Nate is loving being in his big boy pram!!  We ditched the carrycot because of his silent reflux, he likes to be upright rather than lying flat.

{2nd March}  As I've been finding James being away, quite hard... the boys and I came to stay at my mum's house for a few nights and put Dexter in boarding.  My mum is amazing.

{3rd March}  To get the evening in I took the boy's to the park.  Ollie was the only one really playing as Nate slept the whole time ha!

{4th March}  My mum bought Nate to some special anti-colic bottles.  They have a special valve in them that means he doesn't take in so much air.  They've really made a difference so far!  He feeds much more comfortably.

{5th March}  As I was setting the boys up for a photo, Nate started to get upset as soon as I went to take the photo and Ollie thought it was hilarious!

{6th March}  My brother Jason came to stay over at my house to keep me company.  He even made dinner for us and did all the dishes!

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