Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ollie is crazy fun these days!

Since Christmas ended.... it is as if his terrible twos ended also!  He has turned into an excited, upbeat and absolutely adorable 2 1/2 year old. Incredibly cute.

He says things like "hey dudes"... and tries to make shapes with his hands... including heart and rhombus!  He is so funny and so cuddly... it's as if the terrible twos never existed.

His speech has come along amazingly!  He can hold a full conversation... and he repeats a lot of what James and I say.  We have to watch our swearing!  It is so funny hearing him come off with some of James and my phrases.

This morning we attempted potty training again.  Round 2!  We had briefly tried it in the summer soon after Ollie turned 2 but he wasn't ready then.  This morning I convinced him to poop on the potty instead of in his nappy and he did!  It took a while for him to have the confidence to.... erm... relax and let it happen.... but I read him Once Upon A Potty and showed him the picture of the boy doing a poop on his potty.... and then Ollie did it :)  He was so proud of himself.  He watched as I poured it into the toilet and he waved bye bye as we flushed it away!

I reminded him every so often that the potty was sitting to the side of the room.  Occasionally he would go because I reminded him and sometimes he went of his own accord, which I am so impressed by as it's only day 1!

As we needed to go out and get some potty training supplies (wanted a new potty and a travel potty)... I put him in his Pull-Ups.  When we got to the food court of the shopping centre, I took him to the loo.... his nappy was completely dry and he said he didnt need a wee.  So we ate lunch.  After lunch I took him again and he did a wee on the toilet this time.... nappy still totally dry.  He stayed dry right the way around the shops and until we got home.  He held it in the entire time.

The score at the end of day one stood as follows:
Accidents - 2 1/2
Wees in the potty/ toilet - 15
Poops in the potty/ toilet - 1

Here's hoping tomorrow goes just as well!

Not bad at all!  I reckon that's a true sign he is ready this time!


  1. Wow! I am sure you are super proud! That is wonderful news.

  2. Thats fab :)

    My lil boy is nearly 3 and is dry and wee's in the potty. Refuses to go in the big toilet and always asks for a nappy to do a poo - leave him in pants and he just poos in his pants!! So well done for getting a poo in the potty! :)

  3. The joys of potty training! We are going through that, sort of, right now too. I'm not consistent, but I figure she'll get it in spite of me!

    Question, I have been trying to get tabs that will allow my blog to be shared on facebook, twitter, etc. There's an option, and I am clicking and saving, but it doesn't appear. I am assuming it's because I have such an awesome, custom designed blog. Help, please!

  4. HELP!! I am triyng to potty train my 2.5 yr old...but she wants nothing to do with it. She is very smart..and ahead of her time so to speak! lol I bought her a little potty just for her..but she found that to be a home for barbie and didnt take it too seriously. So I got her an attachment for the normal toilet and she wants nothing to do with it. I am getting really frustrated! Here in brazil we do not have pull ups at are disposal, so it looks like I am just going to stop using diapers all together and just put her in underwear. BOY oh BOY do I see a messy future!!

    What do you suggest...i have tried everything...shes not into stickers/charts. I have tried the candy prize thing...still no interest. But I need her out of these diapers by Feb. for daycare!

  5. oh, by the way, my e-mail address is mrs_apple_juice (at) hotmail (dot) com

  6. Like Pavei Photos, I am also attempting to potty train my 2.5 year old. HELP! Your day 1 of training seems to be going so well! I tried putting little one in underwear with plastic training pants over last summer and gave up after a few days of disgusting clean-ups.

    Now that I'm on round two I am so lost of how to do this training business. we camped out all morning and into the afternoon with her potty chair and movies, and she peed in the chair once. on the floor once. and pooped in her daiper once I put it back on for naptime. Feel like I'm doing this wrong. Advice, please??

  7. WOOHOOO!! Potty training is SO exciting! I can't waiiit to potty train my youngest (he's 15 months)

    Stopping by from the blog hop!
    Jenn from Jenn's RAQ