Sunday, January 30, 2011

Who has taken my happy boy and left me with...

The grump of all GRUMPS!

I've asked him if his teeth are sore and he has told me no a few times.... but he is dribbling a lot (and he has never been dribbly!)... he pokes his finger in his mouth sometimes... has a small rash on his cheeks.

And he just isn't in good form at all!

James took him to the duck pond today and he didn't feed the ducks any bread and he didn't want to play on anything in the park.... he has been unsettled going to bed the last few nights and he is having a few potty accidents.

I know he has 16 teeth already.  Are his very very back ones coming up now?  If they are, I hope they come up soon!


  1. Oh those last molars are the worst! I thought my oldest was going through a personality change when hers came in!

  2. Oh sweet boy! I hope he feels better soon!

  3. He sounds all out of sorts. Hope he feels better soon.