Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Day 2010!

We had an awesome Christmas day!  Each year gets more and more exciting the older that Ollie gets!  He is so much more aware of everything!  When he awoke in the morning he was a little upset as his cough was giving him a bit of trouble, but when I reminded him that Santa had been and would he like to bring his sack into mummy and daddy’s bed to look and see what was inside, he soon perked up!  My mum got him this super cute personalised sack :)

Santa got him this car mat for only £2.50 in Tesco and it came with 2 cars.  It turned out to be one of his favourite presents hehe!

He was so excited when he found that Santa brought him Spencer, one of the trains in the Thomas Take Along range.  He had been asking for it for months…. and was told Santa would bring it if he was a good boy.  He pulled it out of the sack and shouted “It’s SPENCER!”.

He loved everything in his stocking…. in particular he loved his new JCB digger toothbrush!  The toothbrush sits in a little mini digger with wheels that move!  He plays with the digger bit everytime I brush his teeth now!

He came downstairs to find a Playmobil farm set all set up and ready to play, from mummy and daddy.  The farm set came with LOADS of stuff, but as I was setting it up I put some of the tiny things away in storage…. there was far too many things for his age so I’ve hidden them and will give them back when he is a little older (things like cutlery… tiny doormice etc).  He was very taken with the harvester and the cows drinking in their trough… and he also put the farmers wife straight to work filling the dishwasher inside the farmhouse!

He also got some Thomas Take Along train track, some books, a jigsaw and some clothes.

James got me a gorgeous new bag, lush stuff and a David and Goliath tshirt that has 2 cupcakes holding hands with the slogan ‘Sweet lovin’.

Here he is in his Christmas outfit.

It is tradition to visit James parents on Christmas morning and all his family come over.  Ollie charmed everyone until he got overwhelmed with the busyness and started whining.  He got a gorgeous new outfit from Gap and another new outfit consisting of jeans, a top and a hooded sweater-vest!  He enjoyed the bombay mix that was set out!

When we were finished at James’ parents, we went home to cook our Christmas lunch!  It was supposed to be James’ turn this year but he wasn’t feeling too well, so I cooked in the end.  We had ham (Nigella Lawson recipe Coca-Cola ham!!), turkey (Jamie Oliver recipe hehe), roast potatoes,  sprouts fried with bacon and some stuffing (and gravy!).  James said it was one of the best Christmas dinners he had ever had!

Ollie even ate it all too…. and he is pretty fussy at the moment!

My friend Bex, her hubby George and daughter Ivy came over after we had eaten our dinner, to exchange gifts and share festive cheer!  I only got the above picture of Ivy and Ollie together unfortunately…. but nonetheless it is a happy picture of them dancing together.

My mum, stepdad and brother Jason came up in the evening time to bring presents for all of us.  Ollie was so excited to see them and to discover he was getting MORE presents.  How about a new dressing gown, singing and dancing Mickey and a lights and sounds, moving JCB digger!

Ollie settled to bed ok Christmas night… better than I thought he would!  James and I didn’t last long after my mum and everyone left.  I think we ended up in bed at 10.30pm or something lame like that!  Christmas is more exhausting when you have a kid but a million more times as fun!

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  1. Looks like a lovely Christmas.

    Happy New Year :)

    We had a "gordoned" turkey! Were you pleased with your Nigella ham? My mum usually cooks our ham, and I have not attempted one myself.