Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy Christmas Part 2


The Christmas Elf who came to stay!

I had forgotten about this tradition having read about it more than a year ago…. but as soon as I remembered, I ordered the cutest little bush baby elf and waited very patiently for it to arrive.  Our mail was messed up here because of the very unexpected snow, so it tooks ages to arrive!



I wrapped an old Amazon box in brown paper…. put in some fluff (snow!), a little pillow I made out of red felt, a little green blanket I made out of felt also, a reindeer chocolate lolly, baubles, a few more chocolate bars, chocolate and marshmallow top hats and a card from each Tumbleflump and Santa!  Ollie was napping as I prepared this so I set it on the front doorstep when it was wake up time, and I knocked the door very loudly.  I then ran upstairs, burst into Ollie’s room and shouted ‘someone’s at the door!!!’.  I had prepared him in advance that someone very special would be visiting us!  He came down the stairs excitedly…I opened the door… and he was speechless!



I read the letter than Santa sent and the letter from Tumbleflump.  Santa told Ollie that he had to look after Tumbleflump as they were too busy at the North Pole with Christmas Preparations, that they couldn’t look after the little ones and would we mind if he stayed with us.  Santa also told us that Tumbleflump liked to sleep underneath the Christmas Tree!


The first mischievous thing that Tumbleflump got up to was trying to make breakfast for Ollie.  Oh what a mess!  Spilled cereal everywhere! 


Tumbleflump didn’t just get up to naughty things though.  Sometimes he did really nice things!  One day Ollie work up to find that Tumbleflump had built up his train track for him.  Tumbleflump was already playing with Thomas!


One night Ollie was not feeling very well, so in the candle bowl on our dining table, Ollie found Tumbleflump sitting with a get well soon card, a toy fire engine, some chocolate coins and a party blower!


We came down the next morning to find that Tumbleflump had started a paper chain for us.  This was our first activity of the morning!  We finished the paper chain and hung it above the window in the dining room.


When we woke one morning, we found that Tumbleflump was reading one of Daddy’s best books (Calvin and Hobbs collection).  Normally Ollie is not allowed to touch these, but Tumbleflump thought it would be nice for Daddy and Ollie to read it together.

Other presents that were left, were a blue train and silver party blower… these were found in the Christmas tree when we came back from sledging!  A jigsaw and bubbles were found one morning while Mummy was having a shower!




After his streak of niceness and generosity, we found Tumbleflump the morning of Christmas Eve Eve, hanging off the tree with all of Mummy and Daddy’s underwear strewn over it.


On Christmas Eve, we went for dinner with my mum, stepdad Harry and my brother Jason.  When we returned, we knew that Tumbleflump was ready to say goodbye.  We walked in to find Ollie’s sack all folded up, a little bag of reindeer food to sprinkle on the lawn, 3 packages (a new pair of pyjamas each), a letter from Tumbleflump and a couple of Christmas books that he left out for us to read.


Ollie got changed into his new Christmas pyjamas, had a cuddle with Tumbleflump and then said goodbye.  He put him to bed in his little box under the Christmas tree, ready for Santa to collect him when he came to leave presents!

Ollie seemed to love having the Elf come to stay, but I reckon next year, when he is a bit older, it will be more fun for him.  I will have more time next year to think up fun things and mischief!  I’m not sure when I will have him arrive next year.  Maybe on the 13th and do the 12 days until Christmas?

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