Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy Christmas Part 1


(And the bad blogger award goes to me!  It’s been more than a fortnight since I wrote! I have been so busy with Christmas, New Years and a SURPRISE!).

I am dividing my Christmas posts up, as they are quite photo heavy!



My mum got this cute advent calendar for Ollie last year and I love it!  You move the Santa from pocket to pocket.  Next year, with more forward planning, I will put a note into each pocket… maybe a chocolate sometimes… but the notes will be from the Christmas Elf that comes to stay!


I love the Christmas Card holder banner type thing… it reads Merry Christmas and each letter has a clip on the back!  In the end we got 29 Christmas cards this year!  The Merry Christmas blocks are new this year.  Excuse the mostly opened Thomas chocolate calendar behind them, making them look messy!  On this shelf we also have the Christmas Cookie Yankee Candle! Yum!


Here is our Christmas tree, of which I am very very proud.  My mum helped me decorate it this year as it is something I am not normally very good at.  The joint effort worked and I am so chuffed with how it turned out.  Ollie chose the Santa Claus that sits on the top!


These are the decorations Ollie and I made together.  I ADORE the one above.  It is his fingerprint in the middle of it and I think we might make one of these every year.  We also made Christmas trees with each of our initials on.




I love the tree’s skirt.  It makes the floor under the presents look super cute.  Of course, when the floor is FILLED with presents you can’t see it… but it looks festive until then anyway. 


In the dining room we have a paper chain that Ollie and I made together and the hanging cd snowflakes that he made too.


On our front door we have this wreath.  I love it.  The ‘Let It Snow’ phrase worked this year as we had a wonderful white Christmas!


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