Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tot School Week 5 - Mums/ Mother's Day

Tot School
Ollie is 21 months old

This week's theme was Mum's and Mother's Day (as today is Mothering Sunday). It went really well and it was sort of nice to concetrate on myself and Ollie and explain to him what a mummy is for etc.

Mum/ Mother's Day Themed Activities

We read "Me and My Mum" by Alison Ritchie and Alison Edgson. It was such a sweet book with beautiful pictures.

We used Ollie's Happyland house again this week as part of our theme. I took the role of the mummy in the Happyland House and I played out all the things that a mummy does... like cook dinner, give the children a bath and send them to bed. Ollie thought it was hilarious especially as I was doing a mummy voice too! He carried on playing, putting the children in the bath saying "baff baff"... and put them to bed saying "ssssh quiet".

Ollie got really into imaginative play this week which was so so so cute to watch and it melted my heart. I had him put his teddy bear to bed on the sofa... he tucked him in and gave him a kiss befor saying "ssssh". I explained to him how lovely it was to put the bear to bed and that is what mummy does too.

I also had him 'feed' his bear. He loved it.

At Mother and Baby Group this week, Ollie secretly made me a Mother's Day card with one of the group leaders. The poen inside reads "This is to remind you, when I have grown so tall, that once I was quite little and my hands were very small".

We did a spot of baking together and made shortbread cookies for the grandmother's. I can honestly say that Ollie ate about 50% of the cookies we made!!!

we cut them into heart and butterfly shapes.

...and decorated them with red icing, pink icing and sprinkles.

I then had Ollie colour in a heart red and we wrapped the cookies up in greaseproof paper and string.

I printed off some animal baby and animal parent pictures (sorry I can't remember where from!!!!), coloured them in and glued them to card. Ollie really enjoyed the activity and got a few of them correctly matched up!

Last but not least, I thought it would be cute to do an Ollie and me handprint picture! How cute is it! It tured out really well!

Non-Themed Activities

Ollie played with his cotton reels again and seems to have got the hang of it a little better. He got a few of the threaded all by himself, but he got distracted by something else very quickly.

James remembered to print off this week's and last week's letters!

I let Ollie loose with his black pencil (I did the lines for him though).... he really liked the bee.

I drew the crab claws on paper, had Ollie colour them in red and then I cut them out. I think we are going to have make room in our study for an alphabet wall soon!

Next week's theme is St. Patrick/ St. Patrick's Day (It is St. Patrick's Day on Wednesday). We will be having green food, making shamrock potato prints and on Wednesday (James gets the day off) we will be visiting Downpatrick which is where St. Patrick is buried, for the parade and other celebrations.


  1. Looks like you all had an educational week. Mommies are so important.

  2. I love it!! These are all such adorable pictures!

  3. These pictures are fantastic! Oh Emma , You've got me so excited about Oli as he gets older! Seeing your photo's of your Ollie and what he has been up to has given me something to look forward too! :D x

  4. Oh I love that he helped with the cookies! and I love the pics of him feeding the bear. So cute!

  5. So sweet! He takes such good care of his bear.

  6. Oh what a fun week! I love all of the mom and baby stuff..those pretend play pictures are too sweet:)

  7. What a great week! How sweet it was to see Ollie putting his bear to bed and feeding him! So tender. We are also going to celebrate St. Patrick's Day as I have Irish heritage. It's going to be a fun week!

  8. What a wonderful week! I really like the Mommy and me handprints!

  9. I *LOVE* the double handprint! What a NEAT memory. I may have to do that & frame it. So adorable!

    The cookies turned out really cute, too. Of course, I'm singing, "Brown paper packages tied up with string..." as I type this ;)

  10. I *LOVE* the double handprint! What a NEAT memory. I may have to do that & frame it. So adorable!

    The cookies turned out really cute, too. Of course, I'm singing, "Brown paper packages tied up with string..." as I type this ;)

  11. What a great week. I love the way Ollie too care of his teddy bear. We're working on that, but mine isn't all that interested in doing anything besides giving them kisses and hugs. We'll have to work on putting them to bed and feeding them.