Saturday, March 20, 2010

You know your a mummy when...

You get ridiculously excited about a new stroller!!!!

James thinks I am ridiculous because I have had 3 prams already with Ollie... I tried to tell him, it's not until you have a pram and have been out and about with it a few times that you see what it is really like. I have had reasons for getting rid of all my previous prams... and I am onto getting rid of my 3rd pram.

My first pram was great. It was a present from my mum. It was the Mamas and Papas Pliko Pramette in Polka Dot. It was lovely... easy to put up and take down and it changed from a lie flat pram to a forward facing stroller. I loved it because it was a bit different and not many people had it... I'm also IN LOVE with polka dots.

I sold it because we moved to a more rural area with a forest park beside, and one trip through the forest nearly broke this pram... it rattled the whole way and back. So I sold it for....
A red Phil and Ted's Sport.

I LOVED the Phil and Ted's. It was fantastic! There were 2 reasons why we picked this pram... it was a 3 wheeler, tyres... so easy to push through the forest. The second reason we picked it was because we knew we would be trying for another baby shortly after getting it and it turns into a double...

It turns into a double by adding the toddler seat! How brilliant an idea is that? It was all going to work perfectly because I got pregnant and the baby would have been born when Ollie turned 2. I was so looking forward to pushing a double buggy but thing's don't always turn out the way you hope and we lost the baby.

I sold the pram for 2 reasons. The first reason was that there were so many extras to buy for it to turn it into a double and they would have cost quite a lot... I wasn't keen on spending that much money when I knew if we were to get pregnant soon, Ollie wouldn't be in the pram for very long... it was too much money to spend for a matter of months (and I'm still not pregnant again so it was a good call because if I were to get pregnant now Ollie would be 2 1/2 and wouldn't use it for long at all!). The second reason was that any time I used it I felt sad that it would never be a double buggy.

Oh! There was another reason. We changed our car to a tiny Nissan Micra and it would have been a struggle putting the buggy in the boot if we were ever to go on holiday and need room for suitcases!

So..... I sold it and got myself a Quinny Zapp.

Oooooh the Quinny Zapp is gorgeous. Stylish.... SO lightweight (6kg!) and folds up TINY. It takes up a fraction of the boot that the Phil and Ted's did. It is very upright, easy to put up and collapse, easy to push and steer (can you tell I've become a convert to 3 wheelers? I would never go back to 4 wheelers!) and you can put a Maxi Cosi carseat on for a newborn. The massive problem with the Quinny Zapp is that it does not recline. I knew this before buying it but didn't think it would be a problem because Ollie had fallen asleep in the Phil and Ted's a few times sitting up. Turns out it is a massive problem. I also don't know what it would then be like for a 6 month old eventually.

SO! James thinks I am an idiot for having so many prams.... but I think all my reasons are valid. Fair enough I should have stuck with my instinct that maybe the Quinny Zapp MAY not work... but I'm a girl of impulse. The Zapp has been my only silly purchase. The reasons for getting rid of the other 2 are very good.

I will be putting my Quinny Zapp on ebay this week as soon as I know whether or not I have the winning bid on a....

Red and cream Baby Jogger City Mini! When I was buying the Zapp, I desperately wanted this but new, it was pricier than the Zapp. It is 3 wheeler, super lightweight (7kg) and still folds really small and flat.... and it reclines! The hood can go into 3 positions. I think in that picture it is in the 2nd position so it goes one lower.... so really good sun coverage which is such a bonus for Ollie as he HATES the sun. I have only seen good reviews of the City Mini and just know in my heart it will be my last pram. I know Ollie will love it and it will suit any more babies we have as it is suitable from birth.

I am bidding on one on ebay at the minute and reeeeeeeally want to win. I could have my new pram here by Wednesday or Thursday then!

James said he doesn't mind and doesn't want to hear anything about it but also says I will NEVER get another pram again. This is ok because I know this one will be perfect.

How many prams have you had? I know a few people who have had 3 or 4 prams/ strollers.... Please let me know if you've had more than 1 or 2 so I can feel slightly normal.

Maybe I need to start a support group.... "Pram Lovers Anonymous" or something along those lines!


  1. I LOVE the looks of the City Mini! Love it. They are expensive though.

    I think your reasons for getting rid of the others are definitely good ones! :-)

  2. I had no idea strollers were so high-tech!!

    Are these things expensive? Will I be able to afford motherhood someday? Will I be able to find cute polka dots? So many questions...

    All very stylish, though!

  3. I had no idea strollers were so high-tech!!

    Are these things expensive? Will I be able to afford motherhood someday? Will I be able to find cute polka dots? So many questions...

    All very stylish, though!

  4. You can tell my daughters 8, I didn't realise they made such high tech prams and strollers! (I've cleraly been walking round with my eyes closed!) I do love that polka dot one!

    I had a travel system when they first came out and I could barely even push the thing it was that hard to manouvere! It barely even fitted in my little car it was that big too - again something you don't find out til you've bought it!

    Love the new one you've got too!

  5. Oh...lots of prams/strollers. Hum...I can think of 2 double (a jogging one being the best investment EVER) and 3 single stollers. And, I only have 2 kids. Oh, and we have a wagon too! How does that happen?

  6. I like the Phil and Ted, because I think use can you it to run as well. I am not expert in Prams yet. Can you still use the latest one in the forest path? The wheels are too small. Enjoy Saturday evening!

  7. I actually really like all of those strollers! They're so stinking pretty!

  8. Haha - I'm exactly the same with slings :-)

  9. I'll join your Pram-lovers anonymous group :)

    It's very difficult finding the perfect buggy for your needs. And just when you think you've bought the best buggy out there for your baby, then you have a baby and a toddler and you need to buy the perfect buggy for two under two!

    We have the Phil and Ted E3 with toddler seat - which works really well for long walks with toddler and a baby - and I've just bought the Baby Jogger City Mini, after much research. It is great!!