Friday, March 5, 2010

What my typical day is like

James is the first person in the house to wake up. He wakes at 6.30am to leave the house just before 7.00am so that he can get a car parking space at work. His departure normally wakes Ollie and Ollie being in a big boy bed now, danders into my room.

Ollie and I go downstairs and fix some breakfast. He normally has weetabix minis, porridge or eggs and toast. I don't eat anything for breakfast (I know... very unhealthy of me). While ollie feeds himself beside me, I click through my emails quickly until he is finished.

I would love to be able to say at this point that we all go and get washed and dressed now.... but we don't. We are lazy when it comes to that and we don't normally get dressed until approximately 9.30 or 10.00!

I normally would do a few chores... put on a load of laundry, hang up a load of laundry to dry, dust, hoover, tidy the kitchen. While I am doing this Ollie happily entertains himself with his train track or books, but sometimes he helps me. He is getting very good at lending a hand at choretime.

When we are washed and dressed we will try to fit in about an hour of Tot School activities... whether they be reading themed books, doing arts and crafts or playing educational toys and games.

If we have alternate plans for the mornings we leave Tot School until later in the day, but we do strive to work on something everyday.

The rest of our day can consist of anything! Sometimes we go to Mother and Toddler Group, which Ollie and I love, sometimes we meet with friends (Ivy is his BFF) for play dates, sometimes we meet other friends in town for lunch, we may go for a walk to the play park or we may stay at home!

Ollie and I eat our lunch together at 1.00. We normally eat the same thing too... Ollie normally is not fussy. As soon as lunch is finished, Ollie goes down for a nap in his bed (or in his stroller if we are out and about) and he normally sleeps for 2 hours. Depending on how mahy chores I managed to get done in the morning, I will do some chores at this point OR I may relax and blog, read a book or magazine or just laze in front of the tv.

James comes home about 4.00pm and he plays with Ollie and keeps him entertained while I prepare dinner for 5.00pm. We eat together as a family and again, Ollie normally eats what we eat.

After dinner, depending on how busy my blog design business is at the time, I will get on with designing for an hour or so.

James and I will then spend family time together with Ollie until his bedtime at 8.00pm. Ollie settles himself to sleep so well but he still takes a bottle to bed with him (his only bottle in the day) and we need to start really soon on weaning him off it.

Once Ollie is asleep, I will go back to more blog designing if my waiting list is busy....but if it is not, James and I relax together for the rest of the night in front of the tv. James is super busy with work at the minute so he watches tv with me, while doing work on his laptop, but he takes the occasional night off. His project finishes at the end of March so hopefully he won't be so so busy then.

We normally go to bed anywhere between 10.15pm and 11.30pm.

I am getting better at planning my days, so I get the most use out of them. I love getting my chores done early in the morning so the rest of my day is free with Ollie. I find I can't relax at all in a messy house.


  1. Sounds like a pleasant day! Isn't it great to get chores done early-on?

  2. Hi! I found you through SITS (I know, I'm a little behind in my blog reader!). Love your blog designs!

  3. As you, I like to have afternoon's free to do lots of things with my girls.

  4. Because I'm a high school teacher, I'm up at 5 a.m. Have to be at work between 7 & 7:15. Hardly ever go to bed before 10-too many papers to grade! SITS sent me by, and I'm glad they did...

    Butt, What?

  5. mmmmmmm im coming for pesto crusted salmon!! Nice to see you yesterday and I think your tot school idea of entertaining Ollie is brilliant. You are such a good mum!!!!

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