Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Oh my goodness. Kicks are the most bizarre thing in the world. Having only felt a couple with my hand over the last 5 or so days and James having only felt one, I was sitting at my desk in work today and thought I felt movement so I put my hand down on the lower right hand side of my belly and got 3 hard kicks in a row which scared the life out of me. It made me feel excited but a bit sick at the same time. Hopefully I get used to it because as nice as it is to feel the baby moving... it's very very strange! It's nice to know that baby is getting stronger and more active :-)

Also, just to note, the baby is about the size of cantaloupe melon from head to bum :-)

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  1. Have you noticed they always compare your baby to fruit? "Your baby is the size of a grape...your baby is the sise of an orange...your baby is the size of a melon"