Saturday, January 19, 2008

and so our journey into parenthood begins...

We found out we were pregnant on Saturday 6th October. I woke up early and on a whim took a test... only to be at first disappointed at not seeing a line. It was one of those very cheap, "pee in a cup and then dip" type tests. I was about to throw it in the bin only to catch the slightest glimpse of very faint pink, so faint I had to squint to see it... confused as to whether this was something to be excited about, I rushed to show James to see what he thought but not understanding whether it was or was not a positive, he carried on as normal. Feeling in a dither about things I went to my drawer and took out a digital test I had been saving for this moment. Digital pregnancy tests are a relatively new invention. They carry a small battery, have the end that you pee on, put on the cap and wait. The word pregnant flashed up after about 2 minutes of sitting with my fingers crossed. No more confusion over very faint, hardly there pink lines... there it was in plain daylight... no mistaking the one word "Pregnant".

It was great fun telling mum and Flo and they were both really happy. Mum asked me was I joking and didn't believe the good news at first but this was followed by endless "aaaaw"s.

James and I went for a celebratory meal to Ouzo's in Ranelagh, a seafood resturant we had passed many times before, but had always considered too expensive. I got a lobster and crab claw salad... only to be presented with a salad bowl full of lettuce, tomatoes, 6 crab claws, some chunks of lobster and thick, brown "vinegarette". The meal was awful to say the least so we headed home and I took a nap. Later, James took a picture of me at 4 weeks pregnant showing my non-existent bump. We thought it might be fun to keep record of my bump as it grew.

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